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SATLEC's diverse portfolio of Two-Way Radios, Metal Detectors, Antennas and Security products for government and public safety, allows customers to focus on their mission and not the technology. When your mission matters most, there isn't time to waste struggling with poor communication or unreliable products. Give SATLEC the opportunity to supply your team with better information, better decisions, and a better outcome. View all our Products and solutions to learn more.

With our in-house knowledge of Total Communication Solutions spanning some 30+ years, we understand the needs of all our customers not only for the right product, but also the right Service and Support package, offering a unique range of cost-effectiveness, quality, choice and capability in any communication environment, from straight forward Licence-Free to Licenced Radios.

The name SATLEC has come to stand for philosophical and unparalleled customer satisfaction. While it is true that as we believed in the past, so we do now, that all our Products can lead the industry in capabilities and results. We realised in the earlier years that commitment and loyalty to our customers would be our true source of success.

We have learned over the past years that there is no price advantage program, special product feature or other promotional advantage that can replace a satisfied customer. We stand behind the idea that one happy customer can be more valuable than the most elaborate advertising campaign. Customer satisfaction will never go out of style and a company that is willing to provide it will always be held in high regard.
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Tel: (011) 660 - 2237 / Fax: 086 550 - 1345
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