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The NXR-5700/5800 repeater units offer full NEXEDGE capabilities including analog and digital conventional, conventional networking, trunking and multi-site trunked network capabilities. Like other Kenwood repeater families this platform offers superior transmit and receive performance in a low profile 1RU design that saves valuable site space for choice of power amplifiers, power supplies, site monitoring and management equipment.

Key Features

    • Mixed NXDN Digital & FM Analog Operation
    • NXDN Type-C, Gen2 Trunking & Conventional
    • Built-in 0.5 ppm TCXO
    • Conventional IP Networks
    • FER (Frame Error Rate) / RSSI Output
    • External FM Analog Trunking Controller Interface (LTR/MPT1327)
    • Site Roaming Capability
    • Telephone Interconnect Option

                                                            KENWOOD MOBILE/BASE RADIOS:



                                                              • ZARA 130 / ZARA 450 Antenna
                                                              • Microphone
                                                              • 24volt DC to 12volt DC Convertor
                                                              • Boot mount Antenna Bracket
                                                              • 12 Months Gaurantee Exluding Malicious Damage

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