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Kenwood TK2317 / TK3317 Portable Radio

The new TK-2317/3317 is thin and compact yet packed with features for intuitive operation, impressive performance, and all-weather reliability. Front and side programmable function keys allow for customized convenience, and Kenwood’s renowned audio clarity means the message gets through loud and clear. Offering extensive frequency coverage – 70MHz for UHF – the TK-2317/3317 is ideal for a wide range of applications. The 128-channel, 128-zone capacity is ample for any current or future requirement in any radio system.

Combined with the optional KMC-48GPS Speaker Mic, the TK-2317/3317 can function as a mobile station for Kenwood’s AVL system. All front and side keys can be assigned individual functions, allowing this radio to be customized for easy one-touch operation suited to specific requirements. It is also possible to directly input a channel number using a key assigned with that number (12-key keypad models only). The 8-character, 13-segment backlit LCD with icons and RSSI display makes channel information and FleetSync® messaging easy to read, day or night.


Radio stun
Priority scan
Channel / Zone delete & add
Key lock
Compander / VOX /Scrambler setting per channel
Busy channel lockout
Operator-selectable tone
Password protection
Wireless clone
Self-programming mode
TaIk around
Compatible with TK-2212/3212 batteries
Tel: (011) 660 - 2237 / Fax: 086 550 - 1345
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