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Kenwood’s TK-90 is a high-performance HF Transceiver designed to provide user-friendly operation wherever and whenever you need reliable communications.The new,highly compact design, advanced features and remote control head option make it ideal for mobile and base station applications. Extremely small dimensions mean the TK-90 is transportable and installation-friendly for vehicles and base stations. The low-power settings facilitate battery- and solar-powered usage in the field. 300 memory channelcapacity provides for custom operation and monitor frequency settings.Each channel has a programmable 12-character alphanumeric name for userfriendly channel selection via the backlit LCD. The KRK-5 Remote Control Head optionmakes vehicular installation in any type vehicle possible.The control head can be mounted up to 7.6 meters from the transceiver unit mounted securely out of sight and out of the way under a seat,in the trunk or other compartment.

Key Features

  • LCD Brightness Control (HI/LOW/OFF)
  • Preferred & Normal Scan
  • Minimum Volume Settings
  • Direct Channel Access
  • Flash ROM Upgradeable
  • Frequency Direct Entry (KMC-32/36 required)
  • Ignition Sense (KCT-18/39 cables required)
  • Time-out Timer
  • Wired Channel Clone
  • Power-on Text
  • Receiver Pre-Amp & Attenuator
  • Noise Blanker
  • Clarifier
  • Front Panel Self Programming
  • Windows® PC Programming
  • PC Control (KCT-31 required)
  • VOX
  • VFO Mode


                          • ZARA 130 / ZARA 450 Antenna
                          • Microphone
                          • 24volt DC to 12volt DC Convertor
                          • Boot mount Antenna Bracket
                          • 12 Months Gaurantee Exluding Malicious Damage

                        SATLEC Two-Way Radios
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