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About Us !
Our Staff:

Satlec is managed by a dynamic team of go getters with extensive experience in the communication industry and a passion to build great business relationships. Our unique formula of building trust stems from our belief that we are a company that builds people that build relationships. It therefore comes as no surprise that our core focus lies with our people. As an employer of choice SATLEC is dedicated to engage employees so that they better understand their role in delivering on our brand promise and to help us create a happy, safe and fulfilled environment. Our overall objective is to build a unified team which will position us as a profitable business and employer of choice. Employees at all levels throughout the group have access to annual Strategic Communication Workshops which ensure clarity on our purpose , products and direction. We view these workshops as a powerful tool in enhancing our growth and development and in promoting professional and personal growth of our employees. Here's a quick introduction to the management team of SATLEC.

SATLEC Two-Way Radios
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