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Vertex VX410 / VX420 Portable Radio

For large group communications, the VX-420AE option provides 256 channel capacity that can be divided into 2-16 groups. Or get 32-channel capacity, divided into two 16-channel groups with the VX-410/420 radios for quick and convenient channel access.

Discreet Communications and Security includes Voice Encryption for private communications and programmable key lock control to prevent inadvertent channel change or unwanted function changes, which may be important when the radio is concealed and subject to accidental pressure on the keys. These radios also support over-the-air Stun, Kill and Revive to disable a lost or stolen radio – mitigating any breach of security from unwanted listeners. Add the optional DVS-5 Voice Storage unit to record and store up to 120 seconds for keeping an audible record of important message

Additional Features

• Six programmable keys (VX-420/420AE)
• Two programmable keys (VX-410)
• 8-Character alphanumeric display (VX-420/420AE)
• 2-Tone Encode + Dual 2-Tone Decode
• CTCSS / DCS Encode and Decode
• 5-Tone signaling
• Compander
• BCLO, BTLO and TOT Functions
• Programmable alert tone
• Priority scan
• Dual Watch scan
• Follow-me scan
• Talk Around scan
• Radio-to-radio cloning
Tel: (011) 660 - 2237 / Fax: 086 550 - 1345
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